This post is Part II in our Corset Buying Guide Series. Make sure to also check out Part I, Corset Sizing!

Once you’ve determined your bust, waist, and hip measurements, the next thing you’ll need to determine is what you want your corset to do for you.  While corsets can’t get the dishes done or the lawn mowed, they sure can add a “wow” factor into your holiday party wear, extra sex appeal to your date night outfit, structure and back support under your everyday wear, a self-empowering feel-good look in the mirror, and (of course) the perfect amount of spice to a night in.  

Finding the perfect corset can be a bit like Goldilocks finding her perfect porridge- you might have to try a few on before you find one that fits juuuuust right.  That said, if you can answer a few of the following questions, we can help you narrow down your options and put you into the perfect corset for your body type!

  1. Would you prefer an overbust or an underbust corset?

Overbusts are full length corsets that cover and support the breasts or chest, running the length from breast to hips. Underbust corsets (sometimes called waist cinchers, depending on the length) are cut below the breastbone.

Check out the benefits of each!


  • Add shape to and smooth the lines of an outfit discreetly when worn underneath a dress or top.
  • Can be worn on top of clothing- in place of a waist belt, for example- as a way to add a fun twist and more shape or structure to an outfit.
  • Can be paired with your favorite matching bra and panty set for a retro, glam, or fetish waist-shaping lingerie look.
  • Provide lower back support by improving posture.
  • Are a bit less restrictive of movement than overbusts.


  • Use their steel-boning to comfortably and securely support breasts and chests of all cup sizes (great for both smaller and larger chests).
  • Often lift breasts higher for more cleavage.
  • Can be worn as outerwear- paired with skirts, jeans, pants (the right one with a long skirt creates the look of a strapless evening gown!)
  • Look great worn as lingerie with just panties and stockings.
  • Are perfect for when you aren’t looking for see-through lingerie, or when you want to feel a bit more contained.

2. How do you want your chest to look in the corset?

Looking for a corset show off your bust? Let’s chat about the overbusts we offer at Lotus Blooms!

  • Whether you are a smaller or larger cup size, a plunging neckline- like our Midnight Corset– will show off your cleavage.
  • For smaller cups,  look for a very shallow neckline. The Sound and Fury, the Aurora, or the ultra feminine Black Betty, will lift you up without flattening you out.
  • All overbust corsets will do a great job of showing off larger cup sizes.

Looking for a show-off neckline that will highlight the breasts but still give you the peace of mind with a bit more support? Find a shallow sweetheart neckline:

  • Find a shallow sweetheart neckline- like our Nobody’s Fool, our Harley Corset in leather or black brocade, Cupid’s Arrow, the Demeter, or the PVC Maleficent in one of several colors.  These are great for a range of cup sizes– the Harley in particular gets raves for adjusting to bodies with bigger hips and smaller busts.


Looking for extra coverage and support?

Now let’s talk underbusts!

As we mentioned above, underbust corsets are cut below the breastbone and therefore do not cover the breasts. These are a great choice if you feel more comfortable when you’re wearing a bra, or if you have a small bust and a larger waist and find it difficult to find an overbust that fits both measurements.

  • The 10,000 Leagues underbust and the Cersei underbust in black, dark brown, natural leather have peaks at the chest bone, to both support and aesthetically push up the breasts.
  • The Alluring underbust is a perfect average length underbust to fit a wide range of body types!  This is the perfect addition to an outfit, to show off a bra and panty set, or to wear underneath clothing to smooth and shape.  With a slight peak at the chest bone, this also does well to show the curves of the chest.
  • For those more experienced corseters or those looking for a more dramatic, hourglass shape- check out our curvy underbusts- the Temptress. With increased proportions between the waist and the hips, this underbust will drop jaws, highlight curves, and fit comfortably over larger hips!

3. What is your torso shape?

Whether you end up choosing an overbust or underbust, you’ll want to consider the length of the corset. For a corset to fit perfectly, you’ll need to find one that sits on your hips in a way that allows you to sit or bend, and is long enough to cover your tummy.

Longer torso?

  • Overbust corsets that beautifully compliment longer torsos include the Cupid’s Arrow, the Demeter, and the Silk Road collections mentioned above.
  • The Satin Doll underbust, in its wide variety of colors, is a perfect longer-lined underbust!

Shorter torso?

  • The Bound Signature Halter, the Aurora, and the English Rose are all shorter-line overbust corsets.
  • The Discreet Rendezvous Waist Cincher is a short-line underbust that will be the most discreet out of our whole collection when worn underneath an outfit.  This is also a fun and on-trend replacement for those ultra-thin waist belts when worn over your outfit.

Now comes the hardest part- deciding on one…or maybe two…or just making room to store the collection you’re bound to build!

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